The Fringe Festival Embodies the Essence of Performing Arts

The annual festival sees hundreds of seasoned performers and aspiring artists take to the streets and set up their stalls at numerous venue to show the people of Edinburgh what they can do…be it comedy, singing, body-popping, break-dancing or fire-eating…You may be asking yourself what distinguishes the Fringe Festival (sometimes referred to as the Festival Fringe or simply ‘The Fringe’) from the Edinburgh International Festival…Well it really all comes down to invitations and gate-crashing, to put it simply. When the Edinburgh Festival was set up in 1947, only those artists who had received official invitations to perform at the Festival were ‘allowed’ to attend. This is still the case today.As a kind of peaceful protest, seven theatre companies simply turned up in Edinburgh to perform for the crowds, determined to share their artistic abilities and message with the people of Edinburgh.It is this approach which makes the Fringe Festival so unique and popular. The passion displayed by both the performing artists and the huge crowds embodies the essence of performing arts as a means of expression.As one might expect, there was a subtle rivalry between the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe Festival in the first few decades as there was a feeling among the Edinburgh Festival organisers that this Fringe Festival ‘side show’ undermined the official festival despite attracting huge numbers of people to the city and positive publicity.In 1959, the Festival Fringe Society was founded with the aim of providing an element of organisation to the expanding festival. Official guides to the Fringe were produced for the first time to help visitors make the most of their time at the festival.By the early 80s, the Fringe Festival had grown in popularity to such an extent that around 500 theatre companies were attending every year, making it officially the largest arts festival in the world; a quite incredible achievement!The popularity of the Fringe Festival has seen the number of shows go over the 2000 mark in recent years with the most popular genres being comedy, theatre, music and dance.The Fringe’s defining concept of art without restrictions is never more present than in the delightful street performances around town. If you are not keen to purchase tickets for a show at one of the Fringe Festivals 260+ venues, you can simply take in an often extravagant street performance on the Royal Mile and around the Old Town.Many of the street performers use their time with the crowds to show off their skills in the hope that many of the onlookers will come to their official shows at the venues around town. Many other performers are simply there because performance art runs in their blood and they love to entertain people!The fact that most shows and the artists who perform in them barely break even is testament to the participants’ commitment to performing arts and entertainment. From their perspective, the Fringe Festival is often seen as a testing ground, a way to make contacts or a way of gaining experience for the future.The Fringe Festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience how vibrant, exciting and downright quirky Edinburgh can be!

Good Things About Performing Arts

Performing arts, this is one of the most known kind of arts in world today that’s why people got so curious about it. They are asking how it encouraged a lot to try and be hooked to it and that’s maybe because they don’t know that it can provide us with a lot of benefits. Once you commit yourself in making performing arts as a part of your life and hobbies, you will able to earn a lot of learning and knowledge that will surely make you a better person. Some of these are written below:Developed skills and abilities. When you chose to do performing activities, you will able to develop all your skills and abilities that you have been hiding all this time. Arts will make you the best person that you can be and that is through using your own talents. It will help you have those talents that only few can do and that’s what will make you unique and different from other people. You will undergo a lot of workshops and trainings and all of those will help you to develop your skills to be even better that will surely make people say “wow” once they saw you performing.Self-confidence. One of the most important things that you can earn with this is great self confidence. When you say performing arts, it means that you will be performing what you’ve got, to a lot of people and that sounds a bit scary especially id you’re not used to it. That’s what performing arts would teach you, to be confident in showing your skills to everyone and be simply proud of it. This confidence that you can learn is not just for that kind of activity but also for the time that you’re ready to face the real world. Have you seen how Jason Derulo confidently poses for his wallpapers and have all that success in life? Through proper training and practice you can be like him in your own wall papers too, in no time. You will have that ability to face anyone with confidence and have all that chances and privileges to bring yourself to success.Discipline. Because you will be undergoing a lot of trainings in this activity, you are going to learn how to have that discipline to stay focused and follow instructions. They will tend to give you a lot of tests that will not just make you a better person but also an individual who knows how to act properly. You will be performing to a lot of people so you will able to have that discipline of acting only what is needed and be matured enough to act like a professional. You will also be asked to build a good relationship with your co-performers and other people in that set. By experiencing all these things you will surely earn a lot of good values and they will stay with you as long as you live, no matter what happens. It’s like it helps you build your own self and make it the best that it could be.