Home Decorating Ideas – 5 Effective Strategies

Decorating your home can seem overwhelming at first, but if you take the time to develop a plan of attack, you will be surprised at how fun it can be. Keep these five tips in mind as you develop your own unique home decorating strategy:1. Create a thematic consistency. Choosing different themes for each room is fine, but you need the themes to at least flow together to a certain degree. This does not mean every room has to be the same color or match exactly. Consistency means carrying a part of each room into another. One great way to ensure consistency is to choose an overall theme and then break it down into various smaller themes. For instance, if you choose a modern overall theme for your home, you will want to select furnishings for each room that are also modern. You wouldn’t want to furnish one room with antiques and another with futuristic pieces.2. If you are shopping for decorations and you absolutely love a particular item, buy it! This does not mean that you should become a spend thrift. It means that if you are shopping and you see an interesting, unique item that you really like but are still unsure where it might fit in your home, go ahead and get it. You will eventually find a place for it, and you would be extremely disappointed if you lose out on the opportunity to buy it by not acting.3. Search for inspiration in things outside of the home that you love. If your hobby is hiking, observe the colors and textures you encounter while you are out hiking. Incorporate the things from your favorite activity into your home decorating.4. Keep an inspiration folder. Browse the internet, magazines, and books, and make copies of interesting pages, jotting down notes of things you like about rooms that you see. Put them all into a folder and when you get stuck or need inspiration, go through the folder to find ideas. You may find things you forgot about, and seeing something again may spark creative inspiration.5. Take your time and have fun. Do not try to rush your home decorating. I know you want to reach the finish line, but if you don’t take your time, you will not be happy with the final results. Be realistic with a time line and don’t give up or get upset if it takes a while.Overall, just remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t take decorating too seriously! It is an adventure, and ultimately your space should reflect you and the things you like. I hope these five tips have been helpful to you as you create a beautiful space for yourself while having a great time doing it!